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New Nintendo 2DS XL Consoles | Nintendo Official UK Store. This New DS XL system comes with the Mario Kart 7 game pre-installed. Step up to bigger screens and major features packed into a stylish. Lightweight handheld. Buy New DS XL Consoles from the Official UK Store. Free Delivery on all orders over £0. The DS console offers the best value of all of the 3DS family range. Playing both 3DS and DS games. The DS console is a great handheld that provides access to an array of entertainment including popular brands like Pokémon. The Legend of Zelda. Kirby and Mario Kart. New 3DS Edition』のダウンロード版をプリインストールしています。 マイクラではお馴染みの敵キャラクター、「クリーパー」を大胆にあしらったデザインです。The DS system brings the power of two systems together into a single. Play all games- both DS and 3DS-in D. Switch is designed to go wherever you do. Transforming from home console to portable system in a snap. You get more time to play the games you love.

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